Dead Cell Phone Battery Tricks: 3 Ways of Attempting to Revive A Battery

Today, cell phones or shall I say pocket computers are used for almost everything. These gadgets progressively evolved from being simple electronic devices that allowed us to call and send text messages to very powerful mini computers that can handle almost everything. Smartphones today are used to provide entertainment, handle business related stuff, socialize using a multitude of medium, stay updated on any kind of news and handle personal or corporate banking transactions. Thanks to fast-phase technology!

However, despite the amazing features and the slick design of today’s smartphones battery life limits us to utilize them for as long as we want to. This is the issue that never stopped haunting the mobile gadget industry throughout the course of its evolution. All of us suffer from having dead phone batteries preventing us from unleashing our gadget’s full potential. Fortunately, there are some dead cell phone battery tricks that we can do to try to restore or revive them.

So, if you are a gadget geek that relies on your smartphone for most of the task on your daily routine. This article will be very helpful to you in situations where your gadgets have dead batteries.

3 Methods to Attempt to Revive A Dead Cell Phone Battery

A dead smartphone battery will prevent you from using your precious gadget for whatever reason. It is a very frustrating issue that annoys plenty of gadget geeks out there. Fortunately, there are some tech savvy people out there that who did their best to address the issue without spending money on a new replacement. Formulating some life hacks that we can use to attempt reviving a phone battery.

To check out these three different methods, they are listed below.

Cleaning Every Part of the Phone Made of Metal

One of the simplest tricks to attempt reviving a dead cell phone battery is to clean your phone and make sure to wipe all the metallic parts on the battery compartment of the phone. This method won’t cost you any dime cause all you have to do is to open your smartphone remove your phone’s battery. Then wipe all the metal parts within the phone.

This simple yet very useful trick to some users because the long-term used smartphones develop oxidation. A condition where all the metal parts develop unwanted buildups that decreases their functionality. This condition also shortens the lifespan of the battery leading to a useless gadget.

The Method of Freezing A Dead Cell Phone Battery

Freezing a phone battery can alter or change the microstructure as well as the interface within it and this is the basis of this trick. By doing this to a dead battery, you are increasing the chance of restoring its ability to take in, store and convert charge into power for your phone. A lot of people may see this method bizzare and pretty hard to do, but if you follow the steps listed below. You will have a great chance to be successful.

1. The first step in carrying this method out is to remove the battery from your phone and then use an old newspaper to wrap it.
2. Now to make sure that the battery is properly sealed you have to wrap it again with plastic film. This will also protect whatever edibles stored in your freezer.
3. Place your double-wrapped phone battery on your freezer’s ice compartment then let it freeze there 72 hours.
4. After the 72 hours or 3 days freezing duration, remove the battery from the ice compartment and take it out from the freezer.
5. Take your time to unwrap the plastic film and old newspaper you used to tightly wrap the battery. Keep in mind that you have to keep it away from direct exposure to sunlight.
6. After storing the battery in a low-temperature room and keeping it from direct sunlight for 2 days. You can insert it to your phone, then charge it for it two days.
7. Finally, after two straight days of charging you can now check if your battery is charged by turning your phone on.

The Jumpstart Method that Uses A 9V Battery

Similar to reviving a car battery with the use of another car battery. This method will require you to jumpstart your phone’s Li-ion battery with a 9V battery. Carrying out this jumpstart process will require you to gather few materials that includes a 9V battery, electrical tape and two wires. Keep in mind that you have to a 9V battery that offers easy access to its terminals.

To carry out this process, you can just follow the step by step guide below.

1. Strip both ends of the two wires since you will be using as the jumper cables to connect the 9V battery and your phone’s battery.
2. Now that the wires are already exposed, connect one end to the two terminals of the 9V battery. Then take some electrical tape to make sure the wires are securely connected.
3. You can now take the other ends of the wires and then connect them to your dead phone battery. Make sure you are connecting the same polarities.
4. After creating a secured connection you have to leave the two batteries connected for a minute or more.
5. Check your phone’s battery and once it becomes warm, you have to break the connection between the two batteries immediately.
6. Then you can now insert the battery to your phone and charge it until its 100% charged.

Final Word

Those are the dead cell phone battery tricks that you can do to try to revive your dead battery. Some of them may work and some of them may not, so it’s best to try all of them. It will increase your chances to successfully restore your dead battery.

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