Ways to Restore an Auto Battery with Epsom Salt

Your car battery is one of the most important component installed in your vehicle. Without it, you will have a useless automobile because its engine won’t start without the power that it needs to crank the engine. Automotive batteries are also considered to be one of the main players that determines the overall performance of a car. If your car has a high-performing battery under its hood, it will simply mean that you are enjoying pleasant drives everytime you hit the road.

Purchasing a powerful and reliable car battery and installing it to your vehicle ensures better driving experience, but you have to keep in mind that it doesn’t guarantee longevity. As long as the battery stays healthy it will continue to deliver optimum performance, however, there’s always the risk of battery failure. In case of dead automotive battery issues, the options you is to purchase a new or learn how to restore a car battery with Epsom Salt or Battery chem, pay for such service or get a refurbished replacement.

Paying for a professional service or buying a replacement is the simpler option you can take but if you want to save money. Learning how to carry out the simple process of battery reconditioning to restore a dead battery is a good choice.

What is Battery Reconditioning?

The process of reconditioning a car battery is an operation that attempts to restore the ability of a dead battery to receive and store charge. This process is a simple and straightforward operation that can be done in two ways. Almost the same method that uses different mediums. The first option is restoring a dead car battery with the use of Battery Chem while the other method is carrying out the same process with the use of the Epsom Salt battery recipe solution.

During the process, both of the agents break down the sulfate buildups within the battery and its lead plates. This allows them to regain their ability to take in electricity and store it then convert it to power. Both of these processes are suitable for deeply discharged batteries as well as dead automotive batteries.

Here, we are going to take a look at how battery reconditioning with Epsom salt is carried out. The step by step guide that you will find below will allow you to learn how the process is properly carried out.

Restoring A Car Battery with the Epsom Salt Battery Solution

Unlike the battery reconditioning process that uses Battery Chem, the method that uses Epsom Salt requires you a few additional steps. These steps are for preparing the reconditioning solution that you will need to carry out the entire process. The guide below will walk you through the whole operation from making the solution up to the final step to successfully complete the process.

Preparing the Solution (Epsom Salt Battery Recipe)

To properly restore a dead car battery using epsom salt and to increase the chance of your success. You first have to make a potent solution that you will use for the entire process. Here’s how you can do it.

Step 1 – Gather everything you need to make the saturated solution. You will have to prepare distilled water, epsom salt and a stirrer.

Step 2 – Boil the water and then pour in a good amount of epsom salt while constantly stirring it.

Step 3 – Finally, make sure that the epsom salt you mixed with the water is completely dissolved.

The Main Process of Battery Reconditioning

Now that you have the saturated solution you need. You can proceed to the process of reconditioning. Here are the steps you have to take.

Step 1 – Remove the battery from the battery tray and then place it on a leveled surface.

Step 2 – Carefully remove the cap covers of each cell of the battery and the empty every cell.

Step 3 – Use a plastic funnel to carefully pour the solution you made into each battery cell.

Step 4 – Cover every battery cell by replacing the plastic caps you removed earlier.

Step 5 – Give the battery some shakes to make sure that every lead plates within it will be covered by the solution. Then you can leave it for while to allow the solution do its magic inside.

Step 6 – After sometime, you can remove the plastic covers of each cell then empty them from the solution that you poured in. Refill each cell of the battery with water.

Step 7 – Finally, charge the battery and then carry out a quick voltage check to see if you have successfully restored the battery.


Congratulations! You completed your first battery reconditioning process. Having this guide on how to restore a car battery with Epsom Salt will help you with your car battery. You can keep it for future use or share it to other newbie car owners out there.

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